The Gangs of Stormreach Saga

From their first arrival in Stormreach, the party become embroiled with the city’s criminal underbelly. Long before they become the entrusted allies of the Coin Lords, the Houses, the Twelve and the Silver Flame, the party cross paths with the city’s gangs before eventually being selected by one of the city’s founding Coin Lords for a secret mission to purge Stormreach of organised crime.

From the hapless Quickfoot Gang with their cursed luck, to the Gnashtooth and Tunnelworm denizens of the Waterworks, to taking a direct hand in the intrigues of rival smugglers Hazadill and Baudry Cartamon, all paths lead inexorably to the Sharn Syndicate.

The Boromar Clan, the most feared criminal organisation in Sharn, have set their eyes once more upon the city of Stormreach. Using their influence, they make their attempt to shape the criminal underworld and unite the city’s gangs under the banner of the Sharn Syndicate.

The Gangs of Stormreach Storyline

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