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The History of Zilargo

The fey gnomes of Zilargo travelled to Eberron from Thelanis thousands of years ago. The demise of the Dhakaani Empire following the Daelkyr invasion allowed the gnomes to take over the ancient cities abandoned by the retreating hobgoblin and Xorian forces.

Establishing the main city states of Trolanport, Zolanberg and Korranberg, the gnomes were able to greatly accelerate their knowledge of magic, engineering and architecture from the ruins left behind by these invaders.

As the third race to manifest a dragonmark, House Sivis became the model for the other Dragonmarked Houses. The powers of the Mark of Scribing together with Zilargo’s stance of fierce neutrality has saw the gnomes become an integral part in the background of many other nations.

Unknown to many, House Sivis’ played an instrumental role in rediscovering the secrets of the ancient giant ability to bond elemental forces to items which led to the creation of the Lightning Rail and Airships.

The History of Zilargo


The History of the Silver Flame

Through the course of their adventures, the party assist the Silver Flame repeatedly against the forces of evil that they are sworn to oppose.

Although the Silver Flame in Stormreach are an excommunicated branch of the main Church in Thrane, by understanding the history of the Flame, the party are able to understand how the guiding principle of self-sacrifice still applies in the far flung reaches of Xen’drik.

The History of the Silver Flame

The History of Stormreach

The party arrive in Stormreach along with refugees from Khorvaire, encountering a city unlike any on Eberron.

stormreach harbour sunshine

To appreciate the unique nature of Stormreach and the significance of the events that befall the city, we need to look back at the city’s history.

Much of the details are taken directly from The City of Stormreach source book, with additions specific to our campaign.

The History of Stormreach