The Gangs of Stormreach Storyline

Society in Stormreach like all major cities is divided in a multitude of ways. While the Coin Lords and the Houses are involved in the high level politics and have their own intrigues, maintaining law and order in the Harbour and the Marketplace are seen to be less of a priority. The frenetic activity that is the daily routine of the Harbour together with the press of crowds milling about the Marketplace creates a perfect environment for petty criminals, smugglers and gangs to thrive.

The harbour

The Harbour Guards under the guidance of Harbourmaster Zin and the City Guards, nominally reporting directly to Coin Lord Amanatu are woefully under resourced, relying on the fractious nature of the gangs themselves to keep one another in check. Provided the gangs do not present a direct threat to the Coin Lords or the Houses, their activities are left largely unchecked.

Our campaign (includes spoilers!)

Quickfoot thieves

Having met Bertram Sharpwood in Korthos Village, our party newly arrived in Stormreach meet his brother Philver Sharpwood while exploring the Harbour. Philver confides that members of the Quickfoot Gang have broken into his warehouse, looking to recover goods in lieu of payment of gambling debts. Faced with the choice of paying the debts or hiring a party member, Philver takes the expedient approach and enlists one of the party to deal with the problem. Some time later, acting on a request from a brother of the Silver Flame, the party discover the location of the gambling den and encounter Ramsay Morcort, one of the senior members of the gang who runs the establishment. The Quickfoot Gang’s luck goes from bad to worse when the party later discover the location of their safehouse in the Cerulean Hills where Thaalan Quickfoot leads a gang of thieves. In a watery cave in the Searing Heights, the party may encounter a small group of the Quickfoot gang … if Guck hasn’t found them first! Just when it seems that things couldn’t get any worse for the Quickfoot Gang, the party discover the location of their hideout in the Marketplace, resulting in severe losses for the gang including their leader Quinn. Greatly depleted, remnants of the Quickfoot gang are approached by Talon Darsin and join the alchemist Thual Masmataz in his hidden laboratory. Those who do not side with the Syndicate seek to establish themselves in the Saltire District taking the new name of the Swiftfoot Gang to try and break the curse of bad luck. Unfortunately this doesn’t work out too well for them as the party discover in Missing.

Harbourmaster Zin

Approached by Harbourmaster Zin himself, the party are sent to assist Guard Tember in the Waterworks where the kobold gangs known at Clan Gnashtooth and Clan Tunnelworm have captured Tember’s cousins, Arlos and Venn ar-Kerran. The kobold gangs pass largely unnoticed by most in the city as their actions are normally limited to minor extortion from the city’s kobold rat sellers and union officials. Clan Gnashtooth and Clan Tunnelworm have been emboldened by the attentions of the Sharn Syndicate and encouraged to expand their operation into kidnapping and highway robbery. Arlos and Venn are not the first to have been kidnapped but the ransom note delivered to their family is brought to the attention of their cousin Guard Tember. The loss of their prison in the Waterworks together with the failed raid on Gladewatch Outpost leads to the complete annihilation of Clan Gnashtooth and leaves the decimated Clan Tunnelworm left with little choice but to ally with Talon Darsin, which may have been the Sharn Syndicate’s plan all along.

Baudry Cartamon

The party’s first actions against Hazadill’s gang of smugglers begin with an invitation from the mysterious elf Shir Clowenks d’Phiarlan who enlists the party to recover an artifact. After passing this initial test, Shir gratefully directs the party to speak with Baudry Cartamon, a rival of the bugbear Hazadill. Baudry enlists the party to help secure his own warehouse against Hazadill’s inhuman minions before taking some direct action against his competitor. Although successful in their actions against Hazadrill, the party are not able to do any substantial damage to his operations and Hazadill is sufficiently disinterested in the Sharn Syndicate’s offer of alliance that he sends Mashpaw, a lesser lieutenant to meet with Talon Darsin. Hazadill’s smuggling operation continues largely unnoticed until much later when he makes the mistake of displaying a level of newfound wealth that brings him once again to the attention of Baudry Cartamon. The party will be sent to discover the source of this newfound wealth which leads to their eventual journey to the Restless Isles.

Talon Darsin

The Boromar Clan are the most powerful criminal organisation in Sharn. Their reach extends from the depths of the slums of Sharn to the spires of the tallest towers. For generations they have tried to gain a foothold of power in Stormreach, seeking to spread their influence to Xen’drik. The party first encounter Syndicate members at the heart of the Grul tribe outpost in their quest to free Lady Azdel after her caravan was attacked by orcs in the Cerulean Hills. It would seem that the Syndicate staged the raid to then allow themselves to be seen to negotiate her release in order to gain the trust of Lazy Azdel and turn her to their cause. The Syndicate had dismissed the loss of Lady Azdel’s handmaiden during the raid to be insignificant to their plans, but hadn’t reckoned on the handmaiden gaining the support of your party. The Syndicate’s plans to poison the city’s water supply with the aid of the alchemist Thual Masmataz are foiled by the party which also sees further losses to the remnants of the Quickfoot Gang. The failed attempt to poison the city’s water supply brings the Syndicate’s latest attempt to establish themselves in Stormreach to the attention of Coin Lord Yorrick Amanatu. After initial efforts to uncover the Syndicate’s plans are met with failure, Coin Lord Amanatu enlists the party in a covert mission to act against the Sharn Syndicate. The party are forced to evade capture by the city guards and the city’s criminal gangs as they wage a secret war against the Sharn Syndicate, systematically dismantling the Syndicate’s operations in the city before uncovering the extent of their ambitions in uniting the city’s gangs all under their leadership.

The Gangs of Stormreach Saga

The stories of the different gangs leading to the conclusion of the Sharn Syndicate storyline present an opportunity for an introductory low level saga where the party can see the effects of their actions shaping the day to day life of Stormreach.

The Quickfoot Gang run an illicit gambling den in the Harbour. Turn the tables on the gang and track them down to their hideout in the Marketplace.

An Explosive Situation (level 3)
Bringing The Light (level 2)
The Swiped Signet (level 3)

Delve into the depths of the Waterworks to free the kidnapped ar-Korran brothers from Clan Gnashtooth and Clan Tunnelworm.

The Kobold’s Den: Clan Gnashtooth (level 3)
The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos (level 3)
Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm (level 3)
Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate (level 3)
Kobold Assault (level 3)

Strike against the bugbear Hazadill and gain an ally in Baudry Cartamon as the rivals seek to undermine each other’s share of the city’s smuggling operations.

Information is Key (level 3)
Protect Baudry’s Interests (level 2)
Stop Hazadill’s Shipment (level 2)
Retrieve the Stolen Goods (level 2)

The Boromar Clan, known in the city as the Sharn Syndicate, plot to turn the citizens of the city against the Coin Lords before embarking on a bold plan to gain control of Stormreach’s criminal underworld.

Captives (level 3)
Proof Is In The Poison (level 4)
Stand Your Ground (level 4)
Dirty Laundry (level 4)
The Stormreaver Fresco (level 4)
Repossession (level 4)
Come Out And Slay (level 4)

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