The Necropolis Storyline

The events taking place in the Necropolis are pivotal to a whole series of quests that the party take part in. Some 200 miles to the southwest of Stormreach, the area known as the Necropolis is an ancient burial ground dates back to the time of the giant empire.

Heralded by inexplicable lunar alignments, mysterious forces are manipulating the planes, channeling the powers of Dolurrh into the material plane, causing ripples that spread from their focus in Xen’drik’s ancient city of the dead.

The entire storyline that reveals itself over a number of chapters sees the Silver Flame joining in an uneasy alliance with the Emerald Claw as they seek to uncover knowledge in a quest to understand what is happening. As the growing influence of Dolurrh permeates the Necropolis, both factions struggle against the effects, testing their respective faiths.

The growing influence of power as the Necropolis becomes coterminous with Dolurrh is felt elsewhere in Xen’drik, notably in Delerra’s graveyard.

Our campaign (includes spoilers!)

The Heretical Path sees our party first arrive in the bleak Necropolis, arriving at a sprawling encampment of the Silver Flame. The master of the caravan bringing supplies from Stormreach to the Necropoils leave the party in no doubt that this is a damned place. Having earned the trust of the senior members of the Silver Flame through their victory over the dread wraith of Arkasic Dryden, the party have been sent to lend aid to the efforts being made to understand the mysterious events taking place in the Necropolis. The Silver Flame are no strangers to the undead of the Necropolis but they are at a loss to explain the increasing numbers of undead that threaten to overrun their outpost. Loremistress Jinna, the most senior surviving member of the Silver Flame outpost confirms that undead are rising from long dormant tombs across the vast Necropolis but is able to direct you towards one particular set of tombs where the Silver Flame hope to learn more. After overcoming the mummy lords who hold the seals to the Bloody Crypt, the party discover Brother Salasso communing with the ethereal figure of a lich. Defeating the vampire and recovering The Heretical Path, the party leave the Silver Flame to their research and return to the city where the effects of Dolurrh are just beginning to be felt.

With the Twisted Apocrypha, our party return to the Necropolis, to discover that a substantial force of Emerald Claw clerics and paladins have arrived. The Emerald Claw, the martial arm of the Blood of Vol, take their name from the green dragon who fathered Erandis Vol, last heir of the dragonmarked House Vol. The Emerald Claw have been drawn to the Necropolis from Khorvaire by the same lunar portents that first signalled the increasing effects of Dolurrh. Loremistress Jinna and the researchers studying the Heretical Path recovered from Brother Salasso learn of the Cult of the Black Abbot and the powers that their ancient leader, known simply as the Black Abbot, bestowed upon his followers. From the senior members of the Emerald Claw, the party learn that the Black Abbot was once a High Priest of Vol who betrayed their order centuries ago in a quest for insane power. The Emerald Claw believe that the Black Abbot has risen in undeath and is somehow behind the manifestation of Dolurrh corrupting the Necropolis. Aided by the Shadow Council, former leaders of the Cult of the Black Abbot who’s spirits have bound to their tombsin the Necropolis, the party are sent to recover the Twisted Apocrypha. The tome of power contains the teachings of the Black Abbot and both the Silver Flame and Emerald Claw agree that it’s recovery is vital to learning more of the unfolding events. Betrayed by the Shadow Council, the party learn that the Council’s true purpose in assisting the adventurers was to gain the Apocrypha for themselves, to use it’s powers to regain mortal form and finally escape the power of the Black Abbot that bound them to their tombs. Before facing Brother Nerezza, guardian of the Twisted Apocrypha, the party must first defeat the wraiths of the Shadow Council and free the spirit of Dame Calla.

The Black Prophecy has our party returning to the Necropolis. From the Heretical Path and the Twisted Apocrypha, the Silver Flame have been able to learn of the Cult of the Black Abbot and his teachings. The Black Prophecy reveals the final words spoken by the Black Abbot before undergoing the rituals to rise again as a lich. This unholy tome is entrusted to one of the Black Abbot’s most powerful followers, Brother Maldetto. As the party prepare to set out to recover this tome, they discover that a group of Silver Flame clerics and paladins had set to recover this themselves and are thought to have been captured or killed by Maldetto. The party set out to not only defeat Maldetto and recover the Black Prophecy, but to rescue the enslaved Silver Flame party members.

The party return to the Necropolis one last time. The Black Prophecy has revealed that the Black Abbot’s plans are not only his quest for immortality as a powerful undead lich. The Abbot seeks nothing less than godhood and is channelling the power of Dolurrh into a ritual of ascension. Refusing to give into despair, the party seek to disrupt the ritual and learn of four lieutenants of the Abbot each bound to a source of elemental power. By defeating the lieutenants, the party can free them from the influence of the Abbot, weakening the rituals to gain access to the Black Mausoleum in the hope of facing the Abbot himself.

Returning from the Orchard of the Macabre having freed the Abbot’s lieutenants and weakened his ritual of ascension, the party are met with the grim news that the three unholy tomes of power that they have fought so hard to obtain have been stolen. The Emerald Claw’s dark paladin, Kai-Teng Fairuza, has decided to save himself from the wrath of the Black Abbot after his inevitable ascension to godhood. Kai-Teng has taken the tomes and fled into the Mausoleum to return these to the Abbot, betraying the Emerald Claw and the Lady Vol. Undaunted, the party resolve to continue their plan to face the Black Abbot and defeat the powerful lich. The party discover that in order to reach the ascension chamber, they must now become the betrayers. The way to the ascension chamber will not open while any of the Black Abbot’s lieutenants survive. The party must now defeat the lieutenant’s who have sworn themselves to the party’s cause before facing the Black Abbot himself in a final encounter to prevent his ascension to become the god of the undead.

The Necropolis Saga

The Necropolis Storyline would make an ideal saga, taking players from low level to low-high level heroic quests.

The party must face Brother Salasso to recover the Heretical Path to learn of the presence of the centuries old Cult of the Black Abbot in the Necropolis who have remained hidden from the Silver Flame for generations.

Tomb of the Burning Heart (level 5)
Tomb of the Crimson Heart (level 5)
Tomb of the Immortal Heart (level 5)
Tomb of the Sanguine Heart (level 5)
The Bloody Crypt (level 6)

The party must recover the Twisted Apocrypha from Brother Nerezza to learn the teachings of the Black Abbot and obtain the tome used to grant power to the Abbot’s followers. The bound spirits of the Abbot’s Shadow Council whisper encourage to the party in their search.

Tomb of the Shadow Knight (level 8)
Tomb of the Shadow King (level 8)
Tomb of the Shadow Guard (level 8)
Tomb of the Shadow Lord (level 8)
The Shadow Crypt (level 9)

The party must recover the Black Prophecy, the words written by the Black Abbot himself before undergoing the rituals to rise from the grave as a powerful lich. Members of the Silver Flame have been captured by Brother Maldetto following a failed attempt to recover the tome themselves.

Tomb of the Blighted (level 11)
Tomb of the Forbidden (level 11)
Tomb of the Tormented (level 11)
Tomb of the Unhallowed (level 11)
The Cursed Crypt (level 12)

The party must free the Abbot’s lieutenants from their servitude. Each lieutenant bound to protect crystals providing elemental power to the Abbot’s ritual of ascension, weakening the Abbot’s hold over the Orchard of the Macabre.

Ghosts of Perdition (level 14)
Flesh Maker’s Laboratory (level 14)
Inferno of the Damned (level 14)
Desecreated Temple of Vol (level 14)

The party must challenge the Black Abbot himself, but only after defeating the lieutenants who have sworn themselves to the party’s cause.

Litany of the Dead (level 15)
Accursed Ascension (level 17)


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