The Stormreach Campaign

Our Monday night static group, The Monday Marauders on Ghallanda, have just completed a year long tour of Eberron. To give our group an old school campaign feel, I set about writing a narrative that emphasised a lot of the rich lore that we have in the game. If you’re someone who’s taken the time to read NPC dialogue then you’ll already know that there are a lot of really good story threads that we weave in and out of.

The idea was to create a number of illustrated chapters to our campaign that stitched together different storyarcs in a chronological order and set the scene for an evening’s questing. This was expanded into a format that allowed us to record the XP that a group could achieve where every objective is attempted, maximum bonusses are achieved and all wilderness areas are explored. The result was a 324 page document including XP tables, maps and a history of Eberron collated in one place.

Now I’m not a professional writer so it’s obviously a bit rough in places, but it was done purely for my own amusement. Along the way, I took a leaf from Dan Abnett and introduced a number of redshirts. And whenever I needed a character name who doesn’t exist ingame, I’ve just name checked guildies, friends on Ghallanda and people from the DDO community.

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided to make the PDF available as a free download via dropbox. Hope you enjoy it, and if you spot any typos then feel free to PM me and I’ll correct them.

The Stormreach Campaign free PDF download

A huge thanks to the Monday Marauders for playtesting the campaign and their patience while I took notes and screenshots, and an equally huge (if slightly sycophantic) thanks to the devs who have over the years enriched the world with such great lore and such great storylines.